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About Us

Forum improves the networking experience by facilitating mutually beneficial business relationships in a hassle-free environment.

First, you tell us about your professional background and the types of connections you’re seeking. Then, our proprietary algorithm suggests matches based upon your specific preferences, so you can chat with highly relevant professionals. Our mutual approval process ensures that you only connect with people you actually want to meet.

Skip the hassle, the awkwardness, the solicitations, and the waste of time—try Forum.


What are you looking for?


In what industries?


In what departments?

The Problem

Professional networking is weird.

Whether it’s a formal networking event (think: name tags and timed conversations with strangers) or “grabbing coffee” with a loose acquaintance, it’s almost always awkward, and it often leads to dead ends.

There’s no space for truly efficient networking—the kind where you don’t have to leave your home unless you really want to, or scroll through endless articles and stale motivational quotes first.

Until now.


Kevin G.

I hate “networking” with random people who have nothing to do with my career.


Jack D.

My schedule is busy—I just don’t have the time or energy to build my professional network.


Rose B.

Networking always seems to be a one-way street—I give, but I don’t get anything in return.


Sophie V.

For an introverted person like me, networking is awkward and stressful.

Our Solution


Forum is the most efficient way to build your professional network, all from your smartphone.


Our proprietary algorithm tailors suggested connections based on your preferences, so you can connect with highly relevant professionals.


A mutual approval process ensures that you only connect with people you actually want to meet.

Circles Naomi Ruchim

I’ve always hated networking.


I cringe just thinking about those events—wandering through a room full of strangers, feeling their eyes on my name tag as they awkwardly try to figure out if I’m a relevant connection without being too obvious. Usually, I leave before even meeting anyone. And on the rare occasion when I do meet someone, I typically find that they have little to do with my industry—or worse, they’re trying to sell me something.


The networking tools that already exist online feel the same to me—cluttered, irrelevant, time-consuming. For a while, I thought professional networking just wasn’t for me.


But then, I realized that I actually do like networking—just not in the traditional way.


When I was feeling cooped up in my NYC apartment during the pandemic, I decided to enroll in a matchmaking course on a whim. I’ve always liked connecting people, and I thought it could be a fun hobby. When I brought up the idea to my husband, it led to a larger conversation about how matchmaking had undergone such transformation over the years. Advancements in matchmaking technology made dating more efficient and more effective—in fact, we met on a dating app!


That’s when we had an idea. What if we adopted the same technology that powers today’s dating apps, but we used it for professional networking? To create a casual environment for efficient, hassle-free networking on your own time, and right from your smartphone—so instead of helping you build a roster of potential love interests, we could help you build your professional network? Forum was designed to do just that.


With the help of modern technology, Forum has eliminated the awkwardness that comes along with traditional networking, and it has created a simple and efficient networking process that even people like me can enjoy.


Of course, Forum is only as good as its community of professionals, so thank you for giving it a try. We hope you enjoy using the app as much as we’ve enjoyed building it.